The 39 Steps Play Review


Kaylan Wallen, Writers

image12The 39 Steps Play Review

The stage adaptation of “The 39 Steps” directed by Dorothy DeLucchi and Erika Larsen was comical and full of life. We sat in a black box, which sat 50 comfortably. We were offered popcorn, and refreshments such as water and soda. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing as we waited for the play to begin. There were two acts in this play act one had 18 scenes and act two had 11 scenes. The male lead Avery Thamavong who played Richard Hannay filled the role perfectly and never hesitated when it came to making us laugh with his characters wit. The female lead Keri Goto who played Pamela brought life to the role as she tried to help Richard Hannay clear his name and find out who and what The 39 Steps are.

There were two scenes that stood out in the play over all. The first was act one scene 3 where Emily Frocke who played a women trying to hide from The 39 Steps hid out at Richard Hannay’s house, but then is stabbed in the back and falls over Richard Hannay while he is in his chair causing the crowd to laugh as he tried to get out of the chair. The second scene the stood out was act two scene 19 where Hannay was finally caught by the police who were played by Gabe Sandoval and Emily Frocke. Hannay tried to fight the police causing a slow motion fight in the police station. This made the crowd laugh due to the music and movements of the scene.

Overall The 39 Steps was well done and the transition between scenes was swift. The play was comical, full of life, and kept you on the edge of your seat. The play ran for 1 hour and 30 minutes and never left us bored. When the stage went black the audience clapped and cheered for the marvelous work the cast and crew did to make this production so great. We can’t wait to see there stage adaptation of The Addams Family on November 12th, 13th, 14th, at 7pm November 14th at 1pm all seats $10 in advance and $12 dollars at the door.