Why Students should be allowed to leave for Lunch


Mia Bernota, Contributor

In my opinion, I believe that students should be able to leave school for the lunch block. There really is no problem, as long as they are back for their third block. Some students don’t have time to pack lunches, and let’s be real, the school lunch is 90% of the time pure cardboard. If they have a car available, and Wawa is right there, then what’s the issue? Teachers have absolutely cracked down this year, and it’s super annoying especially for the seniors because, yes, we are used to that leniency. It’s our senior year and we want to be able to have some freedom, rather than feeling like we are in a jail. There’s a large amount of students who sometimes just need to get out of this environment, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. Senior student Sky Davis says, “I’m not waking up earlier to eat breakfast, however if I have time; I will go out and buy myself lunch because i would rather not starve. The school lunch line is insane. I will literally have 3 minutes to eat by the time I get my lunch and sit down.” Students should be allowed to leave for lunch.