Fun Rides At The Frederick Fair


Yaisa Hernandez, Contributor

The Great Frederick Fair has been up and running since May of 1822 and was located just to the east of Frederick, by the Monocacy River bottom at the place called George Creager’s Tavern. Now the Fair runs for nine days the county fair made its official home at 797 East Patrick Street in downtown Frederick.


It is Frederick County’s single largest event featuring 18,000 competitive exhibits ranging from livestock, home arts, farm, and garden to 4-H/FFA and a premier showcase for agriculture and education. With a massive crowd of 230,000 guests coming in every year and generating over $1 million in revenue with the local businesses each year. The Frederick Fair is the most anticipated event for every local in Frederick, but most importantly the most anticipated section of fun is the rides. With 37 rides alone, and 13 games to choose from the Frederick fair leaves guests always excitedly looking for the next exciting ride. If you are a thrill seeker then there are many rides here for you, if you’re here to simply relax with kids and family there’s also a section for that. The thrill rides will be more located towards the very back of the fair. While the more relaxed and not-so-fast ride for children between the ages of 3-10 will be located more towards the front of the fair. All rides will be accompanied by a height measurer and a huge feature introduced this year was a scale. Moving forward they want to take safety more seriously and make sure the ride and riders balance out the weight to prevent any accidents from happening. 


Most rides ask for an adult, unless you meet age and height requirements, also depending on popularity the ticket prices of the rides will be much higher than compared to a ride that isn’t as popular. For example, “The Beast,” is 8 tickets per rider compared to, “Dizzy Dragon,” which is only 3 tickets per person. The ticket prices will also vary on the thrill of the ride as well. Also all sales on. 


Ticket prices are final and there is no refund or exchange offer. Pricing for tickets varies but for just one single ticket price would be $1.50  but for a sheet of tickets, it depends on the number of tickets. For a sheet of 11 tickets, it’s $15 a sheet of 22 tickets is $25 and a sheet of 55 tickets is $55. But this year the Frederick Fair is introducing Jack Pass and even offering it in advance for your visit. That offer ends on September 16 at 5 pm. The pass offers one single admission to the fair and one single unlimited rides carnival wristband. This will be redeemed on-site at the carnival wristband booth for a life of $30. You can also purchase the Jack Pass Pack which is a total of $110 including four single admissions and carnival ride wristbands. Most of the thrill rides will cost you five to seven tickets and the kid rides, ranging from five to six. Depending on your visit, getting the wristband is the better investment. Instead of needing to go back to the ticket booth to refill up on tickets. 


Student Abigail Hernandez stated, “The fair is a great place to have fun and hang out with friends. When it comes to rides though if you aren’t good with spinning rides. Then the rides at the fair won’t be good for you. Also, caution on the noise the brakes can be very very loud overall they take ride safety very seriously. But otherwise, it’s fun, and I had a great time with my friends.” And even if you don’t like the rides there are still many other fun attractions to see at the Frederick county fair. 


Otherwise when given the chance to stop by the fair it begins its opening night on Friday, September 16 at 5 pm. And ends on September 24. Come enjoy the two weeks that it’s here, bring family and friends and you’re sure you have a good time. Go out and make those fun memories, if you are a thrill seeker or just a casual rider there is always something for each and everyone to do. At the Frederick County Fair.