“Do Revenge” on Netflix Gains More Popularity

“Do Revenge” on Netflix Gains More Popularity

Isabella Saez Alvarado

Released on September 16, 2022, “Do Revenge” has earned the “#2 in Movies Today” title! With the movie starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke, fans worldwide have felt the representation for the problems faced in society now. Through its wit and irreverence, director Jennifer Robinson has captured the essence of high school drama and people are loving it!

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke are more popularly known for their key roles in Netflix shows “Riverdale” and “Stranger Things” but, “Do Revenge” was a real breakthrough for the both of them! Not forgetting the popular actress Paris Berelc, who has come out with many shows like “Alexa and Katie”, “Lab Rats: The Elite Force” and “Mighty Med”. 

Without the actors and great script, “Do Revenge” would have missed out on diversity and representation! Mendes was a strong Latina character, fitting for Hispanic Heritage Month, who didn’t stop until she worked her way through her struggles and learned from her previous mistakes. Hawke represented the LGBTQ community and the opaque challenges many go through when coming out. As well as, the crisis they face through finding out their identity. Not limiting but including the hardships many women go through due to the patriarchy we live in today. Mendes, as well as some of the other wonderful female characters, were victimized by the men that they go to school with, which sadly as it is, is a harsh reality. The women collaborated and helped each other lower those double standards and gained full confidence in their bodies and differences. 

All in all, “Do Revenge” was an eye opening movie deserving its success! The actors and setting makes it thrilling to watch from beginning to end and was worth the time spent. Watch this movie over the weekend and comment what you enjoyed the most!