Hopping around with Hopper


Madison Roberts, Contributor

Bryson Hopper is an instructional assistant at Tuscarora High School. As an instructional assistant, Hopper is accountable for making sure the hallways are a safe place and makes sure everyone gets to class on time.  Hopper started working at Tuscarora in November of 2021. Since then, he has become a big asset to the school and he’s been a huge help to the students and teachers. 

Last year he started helping out with the Frederick High School’s Varsity and J.V. boy’s basketball team. This year he was offered the position of the J.V. boy’s basketball coach at Frederick. He took the job and enjoys being their coach. 

Frederick already started training for their upcoming season. Both J.V. and Varsity teams are doing workouts after school every weekday. Hopper believes that with all the training they have been doing they will have a great season. 

Hopper was asked who he cheers for during a Tuscarora vs. Frederick game, he said “ It depends on the sport, I like to cheer for all of my students”. 

Hopper learned how to play basketball from playing with his cousins when he was young. He’s always loved the sport and he is honored to be able to spread his love of the sport by coaching. 

Hopper loves being able to help out with the Frederick team and still be able to work at Tuscarora high school. Wish him and his team good luck this season!