Jaw Dropping Couple at VMA’s 2022

Melissa, contributor

Sherri Easterling, known as tiktok famous Addison Rae’s mom came to the VMA’s with the one and only, Yung Gravy. Many were shocked by their appearance on the red carpet as many had perceived their relationship as a joke. The scandal begins after the public split with Easterling and her husband after Addison’s Rae father Monty Lopez, was accused of cheating over the summer. Afterwards, Sherri started an online flirtation with rapper young gravy in which he recorded a duet with her on a video replying to her comments. But, it’s clear there was something going on especially when an episode of Jeff FM podcast reassured the public eye that Gravy wanted to bring the relationship outside of the four corners of his phone. Once found out, Addison Rae’s father challenged Gravy to a boxing match on tiktok dragging him into a fight while the followers and fans watched. I’ve interviewed a student at Tuscarora high school about her thoughts on this scandal and she said, “I think that the whole situation is pretty funny, everybody really did think it was a joke but since Sherri’s ex husband found out he has been really just embarrassing himself.” So far we haven’t heard anything from Addison Rae on her thoughts but hope to be updated on any public reaction soon.