Titan Volleyball Season

Mia Bernota, Contributor

Volleyball season is here! The Tuscarora Titans are here and better than ever, this season is unlike any other. Last year we had 3 seniors and one of them was our star setter. Losing her was a big change to the team. You can’t get the kill if there isn’t a solid set setting it up. Our 2 setters, Jaida and Talia have stepped up to the plate. This year there are 16 players on the team compared to the usual 12. This makes it unlike any other year. Coach Ricardo Vera has different strategies this year and is all about teamwork and responsibility to transform these girls into young women. He’s had many controversial decisions but Rico knows what he is talking about. One of our outside hitters, Emma Taylor, shares her opinion on the new and supposedly improved season, “I feel like it’s going to be a challenging season but a good one and a good experience.”

The main difference this year is the responsibility aspect. The girls are each assigned a specific group for targeted areas. There’s a group for accountability, spirit, communication, and setup. The three captains this year are Emma Taylor, Mia Bernota, and Kinsley Taylor. There’s more pressure this year on these girls to take initiative and advocate for themselves as well as the girls and take forth their opinions and suggestions to the coach.