A NCAA sport that you have probably never heard of.


Callie Miller, Writer


Acrobatics and Tumbling is a NCAA emerging sport that combines the skill sets from competitive cheerleading, artistic gymnastics, trampoline, power tumbling, and a number of other sports. Operating under the National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association, Acro and Tumbling provides gymnasts an alternative to the extremely competitive environment of college gymnastics. Through Acro and Tumbling, student athletes are able to use the skills they’ve learned and participate in a team-focused sport. With a combination of weight lifting, cardio, and skill-based training throughout the year, student-athletes prepare to compete in the spring season. 


Acrobatics and Tumbling has six different events. Event 1 is Compulsory, where athletes perform predetermined acro, pyramid, toss, and tumbling skills. Event 2 is Acro, where athletes perform acrobatics lifts and tosses in five, six, and seven element heats. Event 3 is Pyramid. The team completes three heats with different requirements in each. Every pyramid must have an entry, structure, and dismount. Event 4 is Toss. In this event, a group of bases toss one top in the air. The top then completes a forward or backward moving flip/twist in the air. Event 5 is Tumbling. During the Tumbling event, athletes perform individual and synchronized tumbling with salto and twisting skills. The final event is Team. Athletes perform a synchronized and choreographed routine to music. The routine should showcase all of the skills completed in the previous five events. 


There are a number of Division 1,2, and 3 A&T schools throughout the country that are actively recruiting student athletes(cough cough that means scholarship opportunities). If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to play a new sport and make some history, Acrobatics and Tumbling is the collegiate sport for you. The first Acro and Tumbling meet was held in 2010, and the sport is growing quickly. There are now 37 schools that have A&T programs. If you’re looking for more information about Acrobatics and Tumbling or the recruiting process, visit https://thencata.org/