Online Selling: A convenient way to get rid of unwanted items and make a few bucks too!


Bethany Rockett, Writer

    Making a Profit from at Home Online Resources


Over the past year many changes have occurred because of the pandemic. Covid-19 has had an impact on not only physical and mental health but on the working world as well. Over 10,000 small businesses shut down as a result of the pandemic. The impact of this has left many world wide, distraught and without an income. Now there is no quick fix to this, but today there are many ways to bring in some extra income to possibly aid the impact. Many people do not know about these resources and opportunities that can be accessed from sitting at home. 


Mercari, Etsy, Depop, Poshmark, Offerup, 5miles, Ebay and Facebook are just a few of the ways to make money online. By doing so all you have to do is upload what you want to sell, list a pricing and include shipping information. It truly is that simple, and in this past year and a half with people being at home and with nothing to do, online shopping rates have skyrocketed. Another interesting thing about selling online is how these resources are categorized. Let’s take a closer look at these different applications and websites and the differences they have. 


Applications that you download onto your cellular device and sell from include Mercari and Poshmark. Although there are others, these are the main two used in the United States as of right now. On these apps you upload a picture, list a price and sell various things but the most popular is clothing. It is a simple process, all explained in the app itself, especially the shipping. The label and rates, returns, and tracking of the product are all done through the app which makes the process easier. You can even directly communicate with the buyer of your item, and answer any questions they may have. After selling a couple things, gaining mutual friendships with others across the app comes naturally. These two applications are a great way to sell clothing and make some money while doing so. 


Previously mentioned Mercari and Poshmark seem to be more personal ways of creating some extra side cash. You could infer this because of the way you have to download it on your phone and the direct communication between you and the buyer. Depop, Esty and Ebay are another great way to create a greater income, and even possibly help small businesses get back up and running. Etsy and Depop are located online, not through an application. You can sell things at a greater price and both of these sites have over 2 million active users based on data collected in May of 2020. These online sites are more directed towards business settings and even allow advertisements to run on your page. To create an account, the minimum age is 18 and a valid SSN must be present. Ebay allows all of the things mentioned above as well, but specific to ebay is bidding. Sellers on ebay can actually create more money when different buyers keep raising the price of the item.The highest price determines who it is sold to, and the seller even picks the start price of the bidding. With all of this being said, these websites are a great way to obtain some side income, and are perhaps more efficient than other personal applications.


Making some extra money nowadays can be harder, especially because of recent events. With places starting to open back up and hire it allows people to get back out there again and perhaps land a job. It also allows small businesses to re open. In the meantime, if you would like to make some extra income, or just need to get rid of a few things perhaps consider one of the great online resources available right at your fingertips. 


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