Tuscarora Cross Country is Awesome! a totally unbiased article from a cross country runner.


Briley Sanford, Writer

Cross country isn’t just kids staying after school everyday to run. It’s a whole lot more than that. Being a part of a cross country team is being a part of a community. A community of strong, encouraging athletes, committed coaches, and parents who come to watch their child race, rain or shine. Cross country is the type of sport where valuable life lessons are learned. 


The Tuscarora Cross Country Team is like a second family to me. I look forward to the start of the upcoming season all summer long, and once the season starts I look forward to running with my team every single day. The “vibe” of being a part of the Tuscarora Cross Country team is unique. Different from any other sports teams.


Our team every year is pretty outstanding, but this season we’ve had some extraordinary improvements on both the boys and girls side. Aylene Hernandez (12th grade) has climbed up to second rank in our school history, only six seconds behind Lindsay Tomlin who graduated in 2006. On the boys side, Kamsi Obuekwe (11th Grade) has stayed incredibly consistent from his freshman year until now. Running his fastest time for 5,000 meters freshman year, 18:24.7, to a current personal record of 17:17.0, Kamsi has knocked off about a minute and seven seconds since his freshman year which is phenomenal. Alongside Kamsi is Andrew Franklin, who has impressed his teammates and coaches with his own personal improvement. Andrew had an incredible season his freshman year, running a personal record of 19:22.1 for three miles. Today, his improvement is pretty outstanding. Andrew’s personal record for three miles currently is an outstanding 17:17.5. 


Michael Cunningham (12th grade) and Luke Bernota (12th grade) have both had some great races this season. Michael broke eighteen minutes at the MDXC Invitational on October 9th, running a 17:57.0 which is his current personal record. Luke ran a 20:14.5 at the Brunswick “Zumbach” Invitational on September 1st which was our first race of the 2021 fall season. At the Frederick County Championships on October 25th, he ran a 19:26.1. Improvement plays a huge role in cross country. Whether it’s personal improvement or team improvement, improving is very beneficial and important to a runner’s career. 


 Improvement, personal records, times, and places are really important parts of cross country that not only contribute to individual athletes, but the entire team. In contrast, cross country isn’t all about times and places. It’s also about dedicating yourself to something that you love doing, and working hard to achieve your goals. It’s about showing up to races with confidence and not only racing for yourself, but for your teammates. Yes, you run for yourself and you run your own times, but if you make that personal choice to dedicate your drive and motivation for your team, the sport becomes a whole lot more enjoyable.