The Tuscarora High School Student Section is second to none!!!

Over quarantine sports were put on hold and people weren’t able to get out there and support their teams. Well, the student section is back bringing spirit to student athletes as well as the student body. 

The Tuscarora High School Student Section is second to none!!!

Kori Noffsinger, Freelance Contributor

The 2021-2022 school year has endured some changes, but one of those changes is to the student section! Every year students go to football games and other sporting events to see their friends play. This year, a group of students was brought together to revamp the student section and bring titan pride to every student at Tuscarora. 


In the past, Tuscarora had the typical student section. There was a kiss cam, cheers, and seniors in the front enjoying their last year. Now, most of those elements still remain, but this new student section is much more involved. Instead of seniors simply taking charge at the beginning of the game, now there is a game plan for every sporting event. 


This year, the student section is putting emphasis on all sports, not just football. Over the summer our AD, Mr. Putterman reached out to a few seniors about the idea of revamping the student section. These few quickly grew to a group of about 18 seniors as well as a small group of juniors who are all dedicated to bringing fun and excitement to every game. 


Mr. Putterman was determined to improve the student section, so he ended up investing in a program that was specifically designed to help schools like Tuscarora. When asked why this year’s student section would be different, this is what Mr. Putterman had to say. “The great thing about our new student section is the way they are working to support every sport in a positive manner. Most teams don’t get a student section until they play a rivalry game or they make state playoffs. We have had huge student section crowds at Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer and Football, and we are trying to get one for Field Hockey right now as well. If it’s possible, our new Titan Army is supporting it!”


The Titan Army also has a mascot, Tyrone!


Both of the soccer teams went undefeated throughout the regular season, and the boys are now awaiting their state quarter final game! Our girls soccer also made it all the way to regionals! Unfortunately though, our football team did not fare too well this season, but the Titan Army still showed up in full force. This new student section wants to support all our teams, in both triumph and defeat.


The football team also deserves an honorable mention for pushing through this difficult season. It was amazing to watch them defeat TJ in overtime! Definitely a win to remember. 


When one of the student section leaders was asked about his thoughts on the student section, he said “It has way more pride than any of our previous years and is bigger and I feel like it will only grow bigger in the future.” The outlook on the future of the student section is shared by the Titan Army. It will only grow stronger!