Titan Tutoring is back and better than ever!


Let’s face it folks, school is not always easy. As much as we try to pay attention and do all our assignments, sometimes we just need a little extra help to get through certain subjects. But, when the school day ends, what happens if you realize that you really don’t understand the most recent unit in a social studies class, or maybe you don’t really understand how to write a thesis, or maybe you forget the order of operations for a math problem.


Well, we’ve got great news Titans… Titan Tutoring is back and better than ever!!!

What is Titan Tutoring you ask? Well, to be honest we didn’t really know ourselves so we went right to Tuscarora’s own Titan Tutoring coordinator, Ms Welker who was kind enough to answer our interview questions:

Titan Times: What is Titan Tutoring?

Ms. Welker: Titan Tutoring is an opportunity to get academic support beyond the hours of a typical school day.  We have 11 amazing teachers, with both in-person and virtual options, ready to help our Titan learners in their classes!

Titan Times: When does Titan Tutoring happen?

Ms. Welker: We offer sessions after school Monday through Thursday! .  We are in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20 – 4:00, and Virtual on Mondays & Wednesday from 2:30 – 5:30. 

Titan Times: Where does Titan Tutoring happen?

Ms. Welker: We use 5 different classrooms on our in-person days (Tuesdays & Thursdays).  The classrooms are listed on the schedule above.  We also provide a snack!  If time allows and work is done, we also have some additional opportunities to connect with peers.  We have games, and are even looking to add in some basketball with Mr. Johnson when the gym is free!

Titan Times: Can students access these services from home?

Ms. Welker: Yes, on Mondays & Wednesday, we have several virtual sessions between 2:30 – 5:30.

Titan Times: What subjects are covered in Titan Tutoring?

Ms. Welker: We cover Math, English, Social Studies, and Science.  We also have several tutors who are able to support across many subjects, and can help students with organizational and study skills as well.

Titan Times: Out of curiosity, which teachers are involved with Titan Tutoring?

Ms. Welker: It is listed on the schedule (attached at the end of this article), but we have our in person team of Ms. Wolfenfen, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Coughlin, Ms. Lorenzen, Ms. Hull (Tues only), and Ms. Welker (Thurs only).    For virtual sessions, you can visit Dr. Beck, Ms. Miller, Ms. Banovic, Mr. Feinberg, Ms. Hull, and Mr. Babb.

Titan Times: Is this service available to any student? 

Ms. Welker: Yes, we currently are using the drop in model – which means anyone is welcome!  However, now that midterm grades have been posted, we are going to send specific invitations to students who we think would benefit from this opportunity on a regular basis.  Additionally, we are looking to start a Saturday Academy next term, where a selected group of students will get personalized support to help them be successful. 

 We also welcome student tutors as well!  Please reach out to Ms. Welker if you are interested in volunteering!

Titan Times: For students who wish to attend in-person tutoring, is there transportation available?

Ms. Welker: As of now, transportation is not available, due to staffing shortages.  However, we are in the process of working with transportation to make this happen.  Stay tuned!


Titan Tutoring 2021-22 – Sheet1