Welcome the New Class Presidents!


Andrew Edwards, Newspaper Editor

Class presidents are a valuable and popular thing among high schools today. Students want to become an advocate for their respective classes to have the most memorable year. The senior class president will also have the privilege of speaking on graduation day. Every single one of the candidates has put a lot of work and effort to show that they are the best person for the position. The student body may have only chosen one person to represent each graduation class, but the appreciation for the candidates goes unsaid. The winners, however, should be recognized for their hard work and dedication as well. 

The senior class president race was highly featured among the students at Tuscarora. There were many deserving candidates, but in the end, the collective votes from the senior class indicated that Lindsey Lian was the new class president. Lindsey wanted to share some thoughts regarding her election. “I first want to thank everyone for voting for me, and I congratulate all the other officers! I’m more of an action person, meaning I’ll let my actions speak for myself. I won’t promise anything except one thing, which is to listen to my class, I’m willing to take the bad and good, and I’m willing to change things. I’m a free-spirit, open-minded person.”

The Junior class president race also provided a great deal of excitement! There were a lot of great ideas and viewpoints among the candidates. However, in the end, Zizi Oji was the candidate that juniors wanted to be their voice. Zizi wanted to share her excitement and thoughts with everyone. “I am so happy that I was elected! It has always been one of my goals in high school to be a class president! I’m glad that now the election is over, we can start getting to work. I have big plans for this year to make up for the time we lost over the pandemic!” 

Last but not least, even though they are only sophomores, the 10th graders were excited to elect a voice that could represent them, and that could work hard to make this year unforgettable. The sophomore that received the most votes for class president was Abigail Angolia. The Titans Times unfortunately was unable to connect with Abigail. Nevertheless, her effort are recognized and the sophomore class is excited about what she can bring. 

The election may be over, but that does not mean that the newly elected class presidents will get off the gas. Every single one of these outstanding students wants to be a voice for their grades. All three of the winners are excited to become a leader among their peers. They want to ensure that this year will be one to remember. Although their ideas might seem different, each president has the goal for this year to be unique. The candidates who unfortunately were not elected, and the other selected individuals who are not featured here, are applauded for their longstanding determination and commitment. With the election in the rear view mirror, the work and dedication start now for the newly appointed representatives.