Senior Class President Race


Andrew Edwards, Newspaper Editor

The excitement for the new school year is only the tip of the iceberg. Sports are starting back up again, and you get to see your friends after a long summer. However, the race for senior class president might take the cake. In the last few days, seniors have begun to promote themselves for senior class president. From getting their name out there to coming up with an agenda, it has been a busy week for the candidates. Every candidate has something to offer and can benefit the senior class in a plethora of ways. With that being said, let’s take a glance at some of the seniors running, why they are running, and some of their ideas if they are elected. 

Lindsey Lian, a four-year student here at Tuscarora, decided to run for class president because “I have never seen a woman that has been class president here, and instead of sitting around and watching, I wanted to stand up and make a difference for not only the senior class but for future students as well. I want to speak for the rest of the senior class and voice how they want their senior year to go. If I get elected, I plan to do tons of fundraisers to plan/allow events leading up to prom. More than anything, I want to give everyone everlasting memories and make this year very special.”            

Another candidate, Alyssa Lang, wants to run for president because “I seek to make changes such as improving the overall environment and funding. I want to address as many issues as possible to help students go above and beyond their goals. Some ideas I have if I win the presidency include movie nights, painting your car and parking space, and class races where rewards can be given out.” 

Jennifer Chacón has a clear view of how and why she wants to run for class president. “As a class officer, I won’t just be responsible for my high school experience, but the great pleasure of every other senior as well. I want to create shared goals and represent their voice regarding the likes and dislikes of the current school environment. I want to embrace communicating with the students to make sure projects and events can happen to benefit both the upper and underclassmen. Some of my ideas include a movie night in the school parking lot, a senior field day, senior car washes, and a teddy bear sale. I believe that all of these would lead to a great improvement on school spirit and make students more excited about being a titan.”            

Charlotte Selby is very committed to making a positive difference if elected class president. “I want to make the best of an unusual year by using my skills to bring the students and community together. I want to make this year a memorable one that nobody will forget. My agenda and ideas if I am elected class president include efficient and covid friendly fundraising and exclusive senior activities such as a movie night, all-school field day, and better spirit week themes. My goal is to bring back school spirit to bring this class together as a whole.”            

Last but not least, another committed candidate, Chrystel Josol, wants to move past last year and make this one unforgettable. “Ever since we have been back in school, it has been both exciting and scary. Since many of us have been online for over a year, a lot of our energy, enthusiasm, and class spirit have been lacking. We are so connected through technology yet have gone through a long disconnect. One of my objectives is to be a listener. I want to be a voice for the senior class. I know I can bring fresh ideas and be a great candidate through proactive action. I have a plethora of ideas for the year, but I believe it is better to keep it a surprise.”            

It is clear and evident that there are a lot of deserving candidates. There are even ones who are not listed above. Even though every candidate has a different path, they all have one common goal. The candidates want to be a voice and make this year unforgettable. Therefore, go out there and vote. Every voice out there matters.