Student Volunteers create mural to celebrate the class of 2021


Mr. Hartman, Adivser

On Monday, May 24th, several young artists gathered on main street to volunteer their time. The focus of the day was to create a temporary mural in honor of the graduating class of 2021. Alexa Hall, junior, was the primary driver of this group, she coordinated the meeting date and time and enlisted the volunteers to help make the mural. Surprisingly, once the group got into a rhythm, the entire mural only took a little over two hours to complete. This has been a tough year for our seniors, Alexa and her friends felt compelled to try to do something to let these graduates know that we are proud of them and that we celebrate them.


We at the Titan Times would like to thank these young artists for their talent and also for their willingness to share their talent in order to help celebrate the 2021 graduates.

Pictured from Left to Right: Kate Lano, Madelyn Clingerman, Elvin Martinez, Aliyah Solon, Alexa Hall, Kara Olson